Aircraft at Manston

This page will show aircraft based or connected with Manston, with links to details about each.

Currently in development, last updated 11 December 2016.

Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.23 Wing RNAS, 55 TDS1916
Short Biplane…3 Wing RNAS, Then 7 Sqn?1916
Sopwith 1½ Strutter3 Wing RNAS1916
Curtiss Biplane3 Wing RNAS1916
Bristol Scout3 Wing RNAS1916
Sopwith Pup“War Flight”, 2031917
Sopwith Triplane“War Flight”1917
Sopwith Camel“War Flight”1917
Handley Page O/100Handley Page Training Flt, Handley Page Sqn1918-
Airco DH955 TDS (Training Depot Station), 203 TDS (Training Depot Station).1918
Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8203
Airco DH4203, 55 TDS, 2 OS
Airco DH6203, 55 TDS
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a55 TDS
Dolphin TBC55 TDS
Sopwith Camel219 Sqn (470 Flt), 55 TDS1918-1920
Hamble BabyNo. 219 SqnOct 1918
Sopwith BabyNo. 219 SqnNov 1918
Short 184No. 219 SqnFeb 1920
Fairey IIIBNo. 219 SqnFeb 1920
Bristol F.2B6 FTS (Flight Training School), 2 Sqn1924-1927
Vickers Vimy6 FTS (Flight Training School), 9 Sqn1921-1922, 1924-
Avro 504K6 FTS (Flight Training School)
Sopwith SnipeNo3 Sqn1924
Vickers VirginiaNo9 Sqn, No500 Sqn. Virginia X with No502 Sqn (attach), No.9 (attach)1924-
Westland Wapiti IIANo.603 Sqn (attach)1933
Armstrong Whitworth AtlasNo.2 Sqn1927-1935
Fairey SealNo.821 Sqn1933
Fairey IIIFNo.822 Sqn1933
Hawker AudaxNo.2 Sqn1927-1935
Gypsy MothNo.2 SqnTBC
Hawker HartNo.500 Sqn
Hawker HindNo.500 Sqn
Westland WallaceNo.501 Sqn1933
Avro AnsonNo.48 Sqn, School of Air Navigation, No.206 Sqn, No.224 Sqn
Saro CloudNo.48 Sqn 1936
Avro (626) PrefectSchool of Air Navigation1936
Hawker DemonNo.10 Sqn22 Jun 1934
Handley Page HinaidiNo.503 Sqn (attach)22-27 July 1934
Hawker HurricaneNo.3 Sqn, No.79 Sqn, No.32 Sqn, No.504 Sqn, No.1 Sqn, No.601 Sqn, No.242 Sqn, No.615 Sqn, No.607 Sqn, No.32 Sqn, No.174 Sqn, No.184 Sqn, No.164 Sqn, No.137 Sqn1939-
Fairey BattleNo.235 Sqn, No.253 Sqn1939-
Bristol BlenheimNo.235 Sqn, No.600 Sqn (Det), No.600 Sqn, No.604 Sqn, No.59 Sqn, No.110 Sqn (Det), No.21 Sqn, No.18 Sqn, No.139 Sqn (Det)1939-
Vickers Wellington1 GRU1939-1940
Westland LysanderNo.13 Sqn (Det)1940
Supermarine Spitfire41 Sqn, 54 Sqn, 65 Sqn, 74 Sqn, 264 Sqn, 266 Sqn, 92 Sqn, 222 Sqn, 331 Sqn, 332 Sqn, 403 Sqn, 242 Sqn, 1401 Met Flt, 616 Sqn, 504 Sqn, 124 Sqn, 118 Sqn, 229 Sqn, 91 Sqn, 26 Sqn, 63 Sqn, 1 Sqn, 310 Sqn, 312 Sqn, 313 Sqn, 567 Sqn, 180 Sqn1940-1945
Boulton Paul Defiant264 Sqn1940
Bristol Beaufort22 Sqn (Det), 217 Sqn (Det)1941-
Bell P-39 Airacobra601 Sqn (Det)1941-
Curtiss Tomahawk26 Sqn1941-
Fairey Swordfish825 Sqn, 819 Sqn1942, 1944
de Havilland Mosquito23 Sqn, 605 Sqn, 406 Sqn, 29 Sqn1942, 1944-1945
Fairey Albacore841 Sqn (Det)1942-1943
Westland Whirlwind137 Sqn, 263 Sqn (Det)1942-1943
Fairey Albacore832 Sqn, 415 Sqn (Det), 119 Sqn1942-1944
Hawker Typhoon609 Sqn, 198 Sqn, 3 Sqn, 56 Sqn, 197 Sqn, 183 Sqn, 137 Sqn, 197 Sqn, 263 Sqn, 193 Sqn, 266 Sqn, 175 Sqn1942-1944
Hawker Tempest501 Sqn, 274 Sqn, 80 Sqn1943-1944
Grumman Avenger848 Sqn, 855 Sqn1944
Bristol Beaufighter143 Sqn1944
Gloster Meteor616 Sqn1944-1945
Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle296 Sqn, 297 SqnSep 1944
Airspeed HorsaSep 1944
Waco CG-4ASep 1944
Short StirlingSep 1944
Fairey Barracuda822 Sqn1945
Airspeed Oxford567 Sqn1945?
Vultee Vengeance567 Sqn1945?
Douglas DakotaTP CMD Exam Unit, 46 Sqn, 77 Sqn, 406th Fighter Bomber Wing: 512th, 513th and 514th Fighter Bomber Sqns1945-1948, 1952-1954
F84-E ThunderJet? TBC20th Fighter Bomber Wing: 55th, 77th and 79th Fighter Bomber Sqns, 31st Fighter Escort Wing: 307th, 308th and 309th Fighter Escort Sqns, 12th Fighter Escort Wing: 559th, 560th and 561st Fighter Escort Sqns, 123rd Fighter Bomber Wing: 156th, 165th and 167th Fighter Bomber Sqns, 406th Fighter Bomber Wing: 512th, 513th and 514th Fighter Bomber Sqns1950-1952
T-6 Trainer406th Fighter Bomber Wing: 512th, 513th and 514th Fighter Bomber Sqns
T-33 Trainer406th Fighter Bomber Wing: 512th, 513th and 514th Fighter Bomber Sqns
F-86F SabrejetVarious 406th auxilliary Sqns, 92nd Fighter Bomber Sqn
F84-F Thunderstreak92nd Fighter Bomber Sqn?-1958
SA-16 AlbatrossFlight A, 9th Air Rescue Sqn1950-1958?
Boeing SB-29Flight A, 9th Air Rescue Sqn1950-1958?
HU-16B Albatross66th Air Rescue Sqn1950-1958?
Sikorsky S-5566th Air Rescue Sqn1950-1958?
Westland Whirlwind Helicopter22 Sqn `D” Flt, Bristow Helicopters1961-1969, 1971-1974
de Havilland Chipmunk1 Air Experience Flight1963-1995
Gliders?618 Volunteer Gliding Sqn, 617 Volunteer Gliding Sqn
Westland Wessex72 Sqn ‘D’ Flt, 22 Sqn ‘E’ Flt
(transfer from 72 Sqn)
Sea King HAR 3202 Sqn1988-1994