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Manston’s role in Operation Market Garden, 17th September 1944

Troops preparing to board British Horsa type gliders at Manston Air Base, England. Believed to be before or during Operation Market Garden. A slowing advance and a plan By September 1944, Paris and Brussels had been...


Prime Minister, Winston Churchill visits Manston on 28th August 1940

On this day, 28th August 1940 The Prime Minister Winston Churchill inspects bomb damage caused by Luftwaffe night raids in Ramsgate, Kent, England on 28 August 1940 © IWM (H 3514) Manston’s importance was recognised...


Heavy Luftwaffe raids on Manston and Ramsgate on 24th August 1940 leave the airfield unserviceable

Luftwaffe Recon photo some time after raids of 24/08/1940 Six heavy attacks, the first at 0600hrs (TBC) when approximately 80 aircraft crossed the coast to Thanet, left Manston unserviceable after the heavy raid at 1520hrs,...