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This site is “not for profit”, but as such we still have running costs, including domain name registrations and web hosting as well as research materials often requiring purchasing and research trips funded. The long term future of this site will rely on maintaining some level of funding to go along with the huge amount of time it takes to research and maintain.

We therefore welcome any donations given, which will be used purely for funding this site and research materials.

You can donate at the link below. Thank you in advance.

We also welcome any donations of books or materials with references to Manston. Please contact us to arrange this.


Do you have memories of Manston, or records or photos that we could use on this site to educate others?

Because of the extent of history of Manston, we know that to create a comprehensive history of the airfield will take some time.  If you are able to make any form of contribution to the site, please contact us.