Evening Trials at Reculver by Paul’s Aviation Art

Evening Trials at Reculver by Paul’s Aviation Art. 8-14th May 1943.

From the artist:
Local (Herne Bay and East  Kent) Dambuster’s Squadron heroes Flt Lt Dave J.H. Matlby DFC in AJ-J and Plt Off Warner (Bill) Ottley DFC in AJ-C . (Dave Matlby had family in East Kent and is buried at Wickenbreaux and Bill Ottley had family in Herne Bay). Fly over the Towers of the Old Church of Our Lady the Virgin formerly a Roman Fort for a late afternoon trial of the bomb. Bill Ottley did the live trial of Ramsgate and is remembered in a steel sculpture nearby to Reculver.

The painting contains many elements of the Dams trials at Reculver , not necessarily all seen at the same time, but I have brought them together in one scene as a tribute to these fine young men.

You can contact the artist at paulsaviationart@outlook.com

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