Manston: 100 years of Flight (1939 to 1941)

World War 2 (part 1) 1939 to 1941

A CRUCIAL STATION during the Battle of Britain, though dangerously exposed as German war planes can reach Manston in the time it takes the RAF to scramble to combat height…

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Messerschmitt Bf109 “Black 12” crash lands at Manston, 27th November 1940

Messerschmitt Bf109E ‘4101 / Black 12’ of Leutnant Wolfgang Teumer from 2/JG51 was attacked by the Spitfire of 66 Squadron’s ...
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Prime Minister, Winston Churchill visits Manston on 28th August 1940

On this day, 28th August 1940 Manston’s importance was recognised when the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, paid it a personal ...
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Manston attacked on ‘The Hardest Day’, 18th August 1940

Described by many as "The Hardest Day", Manston escaped most of what the Luftwaffe would today throw at the RAF ...
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The second large attack on Manston during the Battle of Britain, 14th August 1940

At 1140hrs, a large formation of enemy aircraft was detected forming up over Calais by Dover and Pevensey radar. Four ...
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Manston takes the full force of Luftwaffe attack against airfields, 12th August 1940

12th August 1940 marked the first major raid inland against RAF airfields by the Luftwaffe and Manston was to feel ...
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