RAF Manston Album

The airfield at Manston has played an important part in the lives not just of those who served here but also of local people for over eighty years. In that time it has witnessed the developments that have led to air travel being taken for granted, as well as the heady days of the two world wars. During the First World War naval aircraft flew from Manston, while in the Second World War the airfield was a front-line fighter base, seeing its heyday during the Battle of Britain. The USAF took up residence in the 1950s, and a variety of units used Manston and its huge runway, the fourth longest in the UK. F84 Thunderjets and F86 Sabres became familiar sights in the skies over Thanet. Since then the airfield has been home to Silver City Airways, as well as the Search and Rescue Flight, Air Experience, Cadet Gliding and training schools. The photographs in this album provide a series of snapshots of life at RAF Manston will appeal not only to those who know the airfield, but to aviation enthusiasts generally.


Part One: 1. In the Beginning 1916-1919 2. From War to Peace – to Crisis 1919-1938 3. The Second Conflict 1939-1945 4. The American Years 1950-1958 5. Into the Seventies: Civil Operations / Part Two: 1. Earliest Beginnings: Pre-First World War 2. The First World War 3. The Twenties and Thirties 4. Hitler’s War 5. Post-Second World War 6. USAF at Manston 7. Lifeline Manston 8. Miscellany


  • Publisher: The History Press Ltd
  • Date of Publication: 16/08/2001
  • Language(s): English
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-10: 0750929138
  • ISBN-13: 9780750929134
  • Genre: Military History


Unconfirmed reports that this book is a combination of RAF Manston in Old Photographs and RAF Manston in Old Photographs – A Second Selection

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