Squadrons and Units Timeline

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We are happy to receive a56ny updates or corrections, but because of inaccuracies in many historical sources, we try to ensure that our details are confirmed by what we consider to be highly regarded sources.

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RNAS Manston

Details during this period are currently fairly well unconfirmed, so we have posted the details of the possible units in this section and will amend as more detail is located.

UnitTypeFrom DateFrom LocationTo DateTo LocationAircraftRef
No.2 Sqn RNAS, ‘A’ Flight19/03/1916WestgateAvro 504Bs and Curtiss JN3s1
No 3 Wing RNAS (5 SQNS? No 3 Sqn,
No 4 Sqn + 3?)
Main29/05/1916Detling14/10/1916LuxeuilIncluded two BE.2cs, a Short Biplane a single Curtiss biplane and four Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutters2, 4
War Flight (Escort Flight after Nov 1917)Main27/06/1916Westgate22/07/19182, 4
No.3 Sqn RNAS? (No 3 Wing?)15/07/1916Other
Handley Page Training FightMainJuly 1916?Formed19/01/1918StonehengeHP O/100Other
Handley Page SqnMain02/10/191621/12/1916LuxeuilHP O/1002
RNAS War SchoolApr 1917Formed out of Eastchurch1/4/1918To Pool of Pilots2
No.7 Sqn RNASMainJul 1917Oct 1917HP O/100/Short BombersOther
7/7A RNAS28/07/1917CoudekerqueHP O/1003
No.7A Sqn RNASEnd of Jul 191709/12/1917HP O/100Other
RNAS War School (Poss Squadrons Nos. 188, 189, 198.Main11/09/191701/04/1918Other
A’ Squadron RNASMain02/10/1917Coudekerque*17/10/1917OcheyHP O/100 (Initially 4 – 3123, 3125, 3127 and 3136)6
No.14 RNAS (from 7A)9 Dec 1917HP O/100Other
HQ, 57th WingMain03/07/1918Other
RNAS DH4 SchoolMain19/01/191801/04/1918Other


RAF Manston

UnitTypeFrom DateFrom LocationTo DateTo LocationAircraftRef
No.203 Training Depot Station01/04/1918Formed ex RNAS DH4 School14/07/1918Redesignated No.55 TDSBE2c/e (B3728), RE8 (A3740), DH4 (B9480), DH6 (C2119), DH9 (B7608 ‘3A’), Pup (C380 ’18’), Avro 504A/G/J (N5807)4
Pool of Pilots (Scout School, Pool of Pilots)Main01/04/1918Formed out of RNAS Manston/War School05/10/1918Joyce GreenSnipe (E7991), F2b (C902), Spad (B1622), DH4 (B5453), DH9 (D479), DH9A (F1093), 504A/J/K (D1646), Camel (B5733), SE5a (B3486)4
No.470 (Fighter) FlightMain27/05/1918Formed22/07/1918Joined No.219 Sqn6+2 Camel. (E1559)4, 8
No.555 (Light Bomber) FlightMain26/06/1918Formed22/07/1918Joined No.219 Sqn6+2 DH9 or DH9A4
No.556 (Light Bomber) FlightMain26/06/1918Formed22/07/1918Joined No.219 Sqn6+2 DH9 or DH9A4
No.55 Training Depot Station14/07/1918Formed ex No.203 TDS12/09/1918Narborough (Marham)DH4 (B9480), DH6 (B2773), DH9 (B7608), BE2e (B3722), Dolphin, FB9, Camel, Avro 504J/K (D4361), Spad SVII, SE5a (E3951)4
No.219 SqnMain22/07/1918Formed07/02/1920DisbandedHamble Baby, Sopwith Baby, DH9, Camel, Short 184, Fairey IIIB3, 8
No.2 School of ObserversMain21/09/1918Formed13/09/1919DisbandedDH4 (N6413), 504J/K (H9822), RE8 (B2256)4
‘Z’ Flightc8.19Reformed1919DisbandedServiced O/400 a/c for use on postal and other duties in the event of a General Strike. Aircraft: O/4004
No.10 (Canterbury) Stores Distributing Park01/04/1919Canterbury10/11/1919Disbanded4
No.1 Observers School of Aerial GunneryMain13/09/1919Reformed out of No.2 Observers School29/11/1919DisbandedTBC4
Officers and Cadets SchoolMain13/09/1919Formed01/11/1919Redesignated RAF Station Manston4
School of Technical Training (Men)16/03/1920Eastchurch01/07/1935Redesignated No.3 SoTT4
No.6 Flying Training SchoolMain21/09/1920Spitalgate01/04/1922DisbandedAvro 504K, DH9A, F2b (C761), Snipe, Vimy (inc F9157), DH10 (E5497)4
No.2 SqnMain31/03/1924Andover20/04/1927en route China aboard HMS Hermes then Shanghai RacecourseBristol F2b Fighter3
No.3 SqnMain01/04/1924Reformed at Manston30/04/1924UpavonSnipe3
No.9 SqnMain30/04/1924Upavon26/11/1930Boscombe DownVimy, Virginia IV ( from Sep 24 to Mar 27), Virginia V (from Jan 25 to May 26), Virginia VI (from Jun 25 to Apr 27), Virginia VII (from Jul 26 to Jun 30), Virginia VIII (from Jan 27 to Mar 27), Virginia IX (from Jul 27), Virginia X (from Jan 29).3
No.2 SqnMain27/10/1927China (en route via HMS Hermes 13 Sep 27)30/11/1935HawkingeBristol F2b Fighter, Atlas (from May 29 to Jun 33), Audax (from May 33 to Nov 37)3
No.500 SqnMain16/03/1931Formed28/09/1938DetlingVirginia X (Mar 31 – Jan 36), Hart (Jan 36 – May 37), Hind (Feb 37 – Mar 39)3
Training Command Practice Flightin/by Apr-31Oct-37Atlas (K1560), Moth (K1225), Tiger Moth I (K4245), Wallace II (K6053)4
No.9 Sqn (‘A’ Flight)Detachment10/07/1933Boscombe Down16/07/1933Boscombe DownVickers Virginia X5
Parachute Training SchoolMainJan-35HenlowUnknownUnknownVimy (F9184), Witch (J8596), Fawn (J7185), Virginia X (K2327)4
No.3 School of Technical TrainingMain01/07/1935Formed ex SoTT (Men)4-5/09/1939DispersedF2b(H1015), Avro 504K(H2606), DH9A(H17), Virginia X, Wallace II (K8676)4
No.48 SqnMain16/12/1935Bicester01/09/1938EastchurchSaro Cloud (from Jan 36), Avro Anson I (from Mar 36)3
No.1 School of Air Navigation (X Flight)Formed06/01/1936Andover/Calshot02/09/1939St Athan3 Cloud, 6 Prefect, Anson (11.36 on)3, 4
B’ Flight, Seaplane Training SqnAttachment17/01/1936Calshot20/06/19363
No.206 SqnMain15/06/1936Reformed01/08/1936Bircham NewtonAnson I3
No.224 SqnMain01/02/1937Reformed15/02/1937Boscombe DownAnson I3
No.101 SqnDetachment09/05/1939West Raynham06/07/1941OakingtonBlenheim IV, ? Wellington IIC (poss not?)3
No.110DetachmentJun-39Wattisham17/3/42KarachiBlenheim IV3
No.48 SqnMain04/08/1939Eastchurch13/08/1939EastchurchAnson I3
No.3 SqnMain10/09/1939Croydon17/09/1939CroydonHurricane I3
No.3 SqnMain12/10/1939Croydon13/11/1939CroydonHurricane I3
No.600 SqnDetachment20/10/1939Hornchurch27/12/1939ManstonBlenheim IF (Jan 39 – Oct 41), Blenheim IV (Nov 39 – Jun 40)3
No.235 SqnMain30/10/1939Reformed27/02/1940North CoatesBattle (from Dec 39 to Feb 40), Blenheim IVF (Feb 40 to Dec 41)3
No.253 SqnMain30/10/1939Reformed14/02/1940NortholtBattle (Dec 39 – Apr 40), Hurricane I (Feb 40 – Sep 41)3
No.79 SqnMain12/11/1939Biggin Hill08/03/1940Biggin HillHurricane I3
No.8 Recruit Training PoolMain13/11/1939Reformed09/01/1940Redesignated No.8 Recruits Centre4
No.1 General Reconnaissance UnitMain19/12/1939Formed18/05/1940Ismailia3 DWI Wellington with degaussing rings began to arrive 3/404
No.600 SqnMain27/12/1939Hornchurch14/05/1940NortholtBlenheim IF (Jan 39 – Oct 41), Blenheim IV (Nov 39 – Jun 40)3
No.8 Recruits CentreMain09/01/1940Formed, ex No.8 Recruit Training Pool08/06/1940Disbanded4
No.56 SqnDetachment28/02/1940North Weald31/05/1940DigbyHurricane I3
No.32 SqnMain08/03/1940Gravesend22/03/1940GravesendHurricane I3
No.32 Sqn (‘A’ Flight)Detachment01/04/1940Biggin Hill08/04/1940Biggin HillHurricane IOther
No.2 General Reconnaissance UnitDetachment06/04/1940Bircham Newtonc30/04/19403+2 DWI Wellington with degaussing rings4
No.22 SqnDetachment08/04/1940North Coates25/06/1941Thorney IslandBeaufort I3
No.79 Sqn (‘B’ Flight)Detachment08/04/1940Biggin Hill15/04/1940Biggin HillHurricane I
No.3 General Reconnaissance UnitMain22/04/1940Formed24/05/1940Thorney Island3+2 DWI Wellington with degaussing rings4
No.32 Sqn (‘A’ Flight)Detachment22/04/1940Biggin Hill06/05/1940Biggin HillHurricane IOther
No.213 SqnDetachmentMay-40Wittering09/06/1940Biggin HillHurricane 13
No.604 Sqn ‘County of Middlesex’Main14/05/1940Northolt20/06/1940NortholtBlenheim I (Jan 30 – May 41), Gladiator I (May 40 – May 41)3
No.151 SqnMain18/05/1940Vitry-en-Artois20/05/1940North WealdHurricane I3
No.504 SqnMain20/05/1940Norrent-Fontes21/05/1940DebdenHurricane I3
No.50 Wing (HQ)22/05/1940Dover28/05/1940RingwayCommunications Aircraft: Tiger Moth, Hornet Moth (W9389)4
No.615 SqnDetachment22/05/1940Kenley29/08/1940PrestwickGladiator3
No.600 SqnMain20/06/1940Northolt24/08/1940HornchurchBlenheim IF (Jan 39 – Oct 41), Blenheim IV (Nov 39 – Jun 40)3
No.59 SqnDetachment03/07/1940Thorney Island23/06/1941DetlingBlenheim IV3
No.1 ‘M’ Balloon UnitMain05/07/1940Cardington22/06/1942Upper Walmer4
No.1 SqnDetachment01/08/1940Northolt09/09/1940Wittering?Hurricane I3
No.21 SqnDetachmentOct-40WattonDec-41LuqaBlenheim IV3
No.92 SqnMain09/01/1941Biggin Hill20/02/1941Biggin HillSpitfire I3
No.74 SqnMain20/02/1941Biggin Hill30/04/1941GravesendSpitfire IIA3
No.23 SqnDetachmentMar-41FordAug-42Havoc I (Aug 42)3
No.226 SqnDetachmentMay-41WattishamNov-41Swanton MorleyBlenheim IV3
No.601 SqnMain01/05/1941Northolt30/06/1941MatlaskHurricane IIB3
No.107 SqnDetachment11/05/1941Great MassinghamJan-42AnnanBlenheim IV3
No.222 SqnMain01/07/1941Matlask19/07/1941SouthendSpitfire IIB3
No.139 SqnDetachment13/07/1941Oulton23/10/1941Horsham St. FaithBlenheim IV3
No.18 SqnDetachment13/07/1941Horsham St. Faith13/10/1941air echelon det Luqa, to Egypt…Blenheim IV3
No.242 SqnMain19/07/1941North Weald16/09/1941ValleyHurricane IIB3
No.2 Refuelling and Re-arming PartyMain01/08/1941Formed09/02/1942Disbanded4
No.88 SqnDetachment01/08/1941Attlebridge29/09/1942OultonBlenheim IV, Boston III3
No.18 SqnDetachment16/08/1941Horsham St. Faith27/08/1941Horsham St. FaithBristol Blenheim IVOther
No.615 SqnMain11/09/1941RAF Valley27/11/1941RAF AngleHurricane IIB, Hurricane IIC3
No.607 SqnMain10/10/1941Martlesham Heath20/03/1942en route IndiaHurricane IIA (Jun 41 – Nov 41), Hurricane IIB (Jul 41 – Mar 42)3
No.26 SqnMain12/10/1941Gatwick15/10/1941GatwickLysander III (Nov 40 to Jun 42), Tomahawk (Feb 41 to Mar 42)3
No.26 SqnDetachment15/10/1941GatwickTBCLysander III (Nov 40 to Jun 42), Tomahawk (Feb 41 to Mar 42)3
No.217 SqnDetachmentNov-41Thorney Island06/03/1942LeucharsBeaufort II3
No.607 (AAF) Servicing EchelonMain14/11/1941Formed out of No.41 Sqn21/05/1942DisbandedServiced No.41 Sqn Hurricanes4
No.615 (AAF) Servicing EchelonMain14/11/1941Formed out of No.615 Sqn to service its Hurricanes27/11/1941AngleFormed out of No.615 Sqn to service its Hurricanes4
No.26 SqnMain22/11/1941Gatwick30/11/1941GatwickLysander III (Nov 40 to Jun 42), Tomahawk (Feb 41 to Mar 42)3
No.3003 Servicing EchelonMain27/11/1941Angle05/05/1942West MallingServiced No.32 Sqn Hurricanes4
No.32 SqnMain27/11/1941Angle05/05/1942West MallingHurricane IIB, Hurricane IIC (from Nov 41), Hurricane I (from Apr 42)3
No.825 Sqn FAAMain04/02/1942Lee-On-Solent12/02/1942All but destroyedFairey Swordfish
No.3012 Servicing EchelonMainBy Mar-42Unknown03/05/1942GravesendUnknown. Likely Spitfires4
No.174 SqnMain03/03/1942Formed09/07/1942FowlmereHurricane IIB3
No.3082 Servicing Echelonmain03/03/1942Formed09/07/1942FowlmereServiced No.174 Sqn Hurricanes4
No.56 Sqn ‘A’ FlightDetachment29/05/1942Snailwell07/06/1942SnailwellTyphoon IA, IB3
No.158 SqnDetachmentJun-42East Moor06/11/1942RufforthHalifax II3
No.222 SqnMain30/06/1942North Weald07/07/1942WinfieldSpitfire VB3
No.331 SqnMain30/06/1942North Weald07/07/1942North WealdSpitfire VB3
No.403 SqnMain01/07/1942Catterick08/07/1942CatterickSpitfire VB3
No.174 SqnMain12/07/1942Fowlmere01/09/1942WarmwellHurricane IIB3
No.3082 Servicing EchelonMain12/07/1942Fowlmere01/09/1942WarmwellServiced No.174 Sqn Hurricanes4
No.3065 Servicing EchelonMain04/08/1942Ford14/09/1942Bradwell BayServiced No.23 Sqn Mosquitos4
No.23 SqnMain06/08/1942Ford14/08/1942Bradwell BayBoston III (Feb 42 to Aug 42), Mosquito II (Jun 42 to Aug 43)3
No.242 SqnMain14/08/1942North Weald20/08/1942North WealdSpitfire VB3
No.331 SqnMain14/08/1942North Weald20/08/1942North WealdSpitfire VB3
No.332 SqnMain14/08/1942North Weald29/08/1942North WealdSpitfire VB3
No.403 SqnMain16/08/1942Catterick20/08/1942CatterickSpitfire VB5
No.23 SqnMain21/08/1942Bradwell Bay13/10/1942Bradwell BayMosquito II (Jun 42 to Aug 43)3
No.137 SqnMain17/09/1942Snailwell12/06/1943SouthendWhirlwind I3
No.3054 Servicing EchelonMain17/09/1942Snailwell12/06/1943SouthendServiced No.137 Sqn Whirlwinds4
No.174 SqnMain21/09/1942Warmwell06/12/1942OdihamHurricane IIB3
No.3082 Servicing EchelonMain01/10/1942Warmwell07/12/1942OdihamServiced No.174 Sqn Hurricanes4
No.331 SqnMain02/10/1942North Weald09/10/1942North WealdSpitfire VB3
No.332 SqnMain02/10/1942North Weald09/10/1942North WealdSpitfire VB3
No.609 SqnMain02/11/1942Biggin Hill22/07/1943MatlaskTyphoon IA ?, Typhoon IB3
No.609 (AAF) Servicing EchelonMain09/11/1942Biggin Hill22/07/1943MatlaskServiced No.609 Sqn then took over No.56 Sqn Typhoons 20/07/19434
No.421 SqnDetachment17/03/1943Kenley26/03/1943RedhillSpitfire VB5
No.3004 Servicing Echelon23/03/1943Acklington13/05/1943LudhamServiced No.198 Sqn Typhoons4
No.198 SqnMain24/03/1943Acklington15/05/1943WoodvaleTyphoon IA, Typhoon IB3
No.618 SqnDetachmentApr 43SkittenOct-43det Predannack? Wick?Mosquito IV, Beaufighter II3
No.3 SqnMain11/06/1943West Malling28/12/1943Swanton MorleyTyphoon IB3
No.3002 Servicing Echelon11/06/1943West Malling28/12/1943Swanton MorleyServiced No.3 Sqn Typhoons4
No.184 SqnMain12/06/1943Merston14/08/1943KingsnorthHurricane IV3, 6
No.3095 Servicing Echelon12/06/1943Appledram21/06/1943DisbandedTook over servicing of No.184 Sqn Hurricanes4
No.56 SqnMain22/07/1943Matlask06/08/1943Martlesham HeathTyphoon IB3
16th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron, USAAF (Detachment A)DetachmentAug 194412/05/19457
No.3034 Servicing EchelonMain04/08/1943Middle Wallop22/09/1943FairlopServiced No.164 Sqn Hurricanes4
No.164 SqnMain06/08/1943Warmwell22/09/1943FairlopHurricane IV3
No.137 SqnMain08/08/1943Southend14/12/1943LympneHurricane IV3
No.3054 Servicing Echelon08/08/1943Southend14/12/1943LympneServiced No.137 Sqn Hurricanes4
No.1401 Meteorological FlightMain10/08/1943Bircham Newton25/08/1943Docking2+1 Spitfire for PRATA flights, 3+2 Gladiator for THUM and Hampdens for Rhombus. Added 1 Spitfire VI at Manston.4
No.56 SqnMain15/08/1943Martlesham Heath23/08/1943Bradwell BayTyphoon IB3
No.198 SqnMain22/08/1943Bradwell Bay16/03/1944TangmereTyphoon IB3
No.1401 Meteorlogical FlightMain01/09/1943Docking14/01/1945B/58 MelsbroekReceived Spitfire IX 10/444
No.263 SqnDetachment07/09/1943Warmwell10/09/1943WarmwellWhirlwind I3, 6
No.611 SqnMain08/10/1943Coltishall13/10/1943ColtishallSpitfire LF VB3
No.616 (AAF) Servicing Echelon08/10/1943Coltishall13/10/1943ColtishallServiced No.611 Sqn Spitfires4
No.3209 Servicing CommandoMain12/11/1943Gatwick/Redhill12/12/1943Lasham4
No.415 SqnDetachment15/11/1943Bircham Newton26/07/1944East MoorAlbacore3
No.3207 Servicing CommandoMain12/12/1943Lasham04/01/1944Eastchurch4
No.609 (AAF) Servicing EchelonMain14/12/1943Lympne06/02/1944Fairwood CommonTook over No.198 Sqn Typhoon at Manston 23/08/1943 before move?4
No.609 SqnMain14/12/1943Lympne06/02/1944Fairwood CommonTyphoon IB3
No.143 SqnDetachment12/02/1944North Coates23/05/1944ManstonBeaufighter XI, X3
No.3 SqnMain14/02/1944Swanton Morley06/03/1944Bradwell BayTempest V (from x Feb 1944)3
No.3002 Servicing EchelonMain14/02/1944Swanton Morley01/03/1944DisbandedTook over No.609 Sqn Spitfires4
No.609 SqnMain20/02/1944Fairwood Common16/03/1944TangmereTyphoon IB3
No.123 Airfield HeadquartersMain27/02/1944Sawbridgeworth01/04/1944Thorney Island4
No.183 SqnMain15/03/1944Tangmere01/04/1944Thorney IslandTyphoon IB3
No.197 SqnMain15/03/1944Tangmere01/04/1944TangmereTyphoon IB3
No.609 (AAF) Servicing EchelonMain20/03/1944Fairwood Common01/04/1944DisbandedJust serviced No.198 Sqn or 609 and 198?4
No.6183 Servicing EchelonMain22/03/1944Formed01/04/1944Thorney IslandServiced No.183 Sqn Typhoons4
No.6197 Servicing EchelonMain22/03/1944Formed01/04/1944TangmereServiced No.197 Sqn Typhoons4
No.1010 Servicing WingMain25/03/1944Formed21/07/1944HarrowbeerType B4
No.137 SqnMain01/04/1944Lympne14/08/1944B 6/CoulombsTyphoon IB3
No.6137 Servicing EchelonMain01/04/1944Lympne13/08/1944CoulombsServiced No.137 Sqn Typhoons4
No.86 Maintenance UnitSub-siteby Apr-44Sundridge31/08/1945Disbanded4
No.605 SqnMain07/04/1944Bradwell Bay21/11/1944RAF BlackbusheMosquito VI3
No.6605 Servicing EchelonMain07/04/1944Bradwell Bay21/11/1944RAF BlackbusheServiced No.605 Sqn Spitfires4
No.155 (General Reconnaissance) WingMain22/04/1944Formed as No.155 (General Reconnaissance) Wing)19/09/1944DisbandedAircraft of Communication Flight: Magister (P2436)4
No.151 SqnDetachment20/05/1944North Weald29/08/1940StaplefordHurricane I3
No.143 SqnMain23/05/1944North Coates/Manston09/09/1944North CoatesBeaufighter X3
No.8143 Servicing EchelonMain23/05/1944North Coates09/09/1944North CoatesServiced No.143 Sqn Beaufighters4
No.455 (RAAF) SqnDetachment06/06/1944Langham08/06/1944LanghamBeaufighter X3
No.8119 Servicing EchelonMain12/07/1944Formed08/08/1944SwingfieldServiced No.119 Sqn Albacores4
No.119 SqnReformed from Albacore Flt of No.415 Sqn19/07/194409/08/1944SwingfieldAlbacore3
No.1001 Servicing WingMain21/07/1944HarrowbeerMay 45Biggin HillType A4
No.616 SqnMain21/07/1944Culmhead17/01/1945ColerneSpitfire VII (to Aug 44), Meteor I3
No.6616 Servicing EchelonMain21/07/1944Culmhead16/01/1945ColerneServiced No.616 Sqn Spitfires4
No.501 SqnMain02/08/1944Westhampnett22/09/1944Bradwell BayTempest V3
No.6501 Servicing EchelonMain02/08/1944Detling23/09/1944HawkingeServiced No.501 Sqn Spitfires4
No.504 SqnMain13/08/1944Detling25/02/1944HawkingeSpitfire IXE3
No.6504 Servicing EchelonMain13/08/1944Detling25/02/1945HawkingeServiced No.504 Sqn Spitfires4
No.274 SqnMain17/08/1944West Malling20/09/1944ColtishallSpitfire IX ,  Tempest (from Aug 44)3
No.6274 Servicing EchelonMain17/08/1944West Malling19/09/1944ColtishallServiced No.274 Sqn Spitfires4
No.6080 Servicing EchelonMain29/08/1944West Malling19/09/1944ColtishallServiced No.80 Sqn Spitfires4
No.80 SqnMain29/08/1944West Malling20/09/1944ColtishallTempest V3
No.1027 Servicing WingMain01/09/1944Hutton Cranswick08/03/1945Redesignated No.1019 Servicing WingType C?4
No.257 SqnMain01/09/1944B 3/Ste-Croix-sur-Mer02/09/1944B 3/Ste-Croix-sur-MerTyphoon IB3
No.331 SqnDetachment01/09/1944B 33/Campneuseville11/09/1942B 57/Lille/NordSpitfire IXB3
No.6197 Servicing EchelonMain02/09/1944Ste. Croix-Sur-Mer11/09/1944B.51 Lille-VendevilleServiced No.197 Sqn Typhoons4
No.197 SqnMain03/09/1944B 3/Ste-Croix-sur-Mer11/09/1944B 51/Lille/VendervilleTyphoon IB3
No.257 SqnMain04/09/1944B 3/Ste-Croix-sur-Mer06/09/1944B 23/MorainvilleTyphoon IB3
No.263 SqnMain06/09/1944B 3/Ste-Croix-sur-Mer11/09/1944B 51/Lille/VendevilleTyphoon IB3, 6
No.609 SqnDetachment02/09/1944B 35/Godelmesnil10/09/1944B 53/MervilleTyphoon IB6
No.6263 Servicing EchelonMain06/09/1944Ste. Croix-Sur-Mer11/09/1944B.51 Lille/VendevilleServiced No.263 Sqn Typhoons4
No.193 SqnMain08/09/1944B 23/Morainville12/09/1944B 51/Lille/VendervilleTyphoon IB3
No.266 SqnMain08/09/1944B 23/Morainville09/09/1944TangmereTyphoon IB3
No.6193 Servicing EchelonMain08/09/1944Morainville11/09/1944Lille-VendevilleServiced No.193 Sqn Typhoons4
No.6266 Servicing EchelonMain08/09/1944Morainville11/09/1944B.51 Lille/VendevilleServiced No.266 Sqn Typhoons4
No.266 SqnMain10/09/1944Tangmere11/09/1944B 51/Lille/VendevilleTyphoon IB3
No.118 SqnMain25/09/1944Westhampnett15/12/1944BentwatersSpitfire IXC3
No.456 (RAAF) SqnFOB18/09/1944Ford21/09/1944FordMosquito XVII5
No.124 SqnMain25/09/1944Westhampnett10/02/1945ColtishallSpitfire HF IXE3
No.229 SqnMain25/09/1944Coltishall22/10/1944MatlaskSpitfire IX3
No.6118 Servicing EchelonMain25/09/1944Westhampnett15/12/1944BentwatersServiced No.118 Sqn Spitfires4
No.6124 Servicing EchelonMain25/09/1944Westhampnett10/02/1945ColtishallServiced No.124 Sqn Spitfires4
No.6229 Servicing EchelonMain25/09/1944Coltishall22/10/1944MatlaskServiced No.229 Sqn Spitfires4
No.6091 Servicing EchelonMain29/10/1944Biggin Hill07/04/1945LudhamServiced No.91 Sqn Spitfires4
No.91 SqnMain29/10/1944Biggin Hill08/04/1945LudhamSpitfire IXB, Spitfire XXI3
No.26 SqnMain01/11/1944Tangmere04/11/1944TangmereHurricane IIC. Might have arrived with Spitfire VA (to Nov 44)3
No.6063 Servicing EchelonMain01/11/1944North Weald04/11/1944North WealdServiced No.63 Sqn Spitfires4
No.63 SqnMain01/11/1944North Weald04/11/1944North WealdSpitfire VB3
No.6130 Servicing EchelonMain04/11/1945Dunsfold01/12/1945CharterhallPreviously serviced No.130 Sqn Spitfires. Rest unknown.4
No.406 Sqn (RCAF)Main27/11/1944Colerne13/06/1945PredannackMosquito XXX5
No.6406 (RCAF) Servicing EchelonMain27/11/1944Colerne13/06/1945PredannackServiced No.406 Sqn Mosquitos4
No.1006 Servicing WingMain01/12/1944Middle Wallop01/02/1945ColerneType B4
No.6001 Servicing EchelonMain16/12/1944Detling08/04/1945ColtishallServiced No.1 Sqn Spitfires4
No.1 SqnMain18/12/1944Detling08/04/1945ColtishallSpitfire IXB3
No.1007 Servicing WingJan 45North WealdJul-45Biggin HillType B4
No.451 (RAAF) SqnMain11/02/1945Hawkinge24/02/1945MatlaskSpitfire XVI5
No.6451 (RAAF) Servicing Echelon11/02/1945Hawkinge23/02/1945MatlaskServiced No.451 Sqn (RAAF) Spitfires4,5
No.1 Fighter Command Servicing UnitMain19/02/1945FormedJun-45Biggin Hill4
No.2 Fighter Command Servicing UnitMain19/02/1945FormedJun-45Biggin Hill4
No.3 Fighter Command Servicing UnitMain19/02/1945FormedNov-45Weston Zoyland4
No.4 Fighter Command Servicing UnitMain19/02/1945Formed10/05/1945Dyce4
HQ, No.134 WingMain27-28/02/1945Bradwell Bay24/08/1945Squadrons to CzecholslovakiaAircraft of Communication Flight/Wing Leader: Spitfire IX (MK483 ‘VY’), Auster III (NK125)4
No.310 SqnMain27/02/1945Bradwell Bay07/08/1945HildesheimSpitfire LF IX3
No.312 SqnMain27/02/1945Bradwell Bay07/08/1945HildesheimSpitfire HF IX3
No.313 SqnMain27/02/1945Bradwell Bay07/08/1945HildesheimSpitfire IX3
No.6310 (Czech) Servicing EchelonMain27/02/1945Bradwell Bay07/08/1945HildesheimServiced No.310 Sqn Spitfires4
No.6312 (Czech) Servicing EchelonMain27/02/1945Bradwell Bay07/08/1945HildesheimServiced No.312 Sqn Spitfires4
No.6313 (Czech) Servicing EchelonMain27/02/1945Bradwell Bay07/08/1945HildesheimServiced No.313 Sqn Spitfires4
No.1019 Servicing WingMain08/03/1945Reformed ex No.1027 Servicing WingJun-45RingwayType C?4
No.6219 Servicing EchelonMain12/04/1945Colerne07/09/1945Redesignated 6029 SEServiced No.29 Sqn Mosquitos4
No.29 SqnMain11/05/1945Colerne21/09/1945LübeckMosquito XXX3
No.175 SqnMain11/06/1945Warmwell16/06/1945B 164/SchleswiglandTyphoon IB3
No.6175 Servicing EchelonMain11/06/1945Warmwell16/06/1945SchleswiglandServiced No.175 Sqn Typhoons4
No.56 SqnMain12/06/1945B 152/Fassberg22/06/1945B 160/KastrupTempest V3
No.6056 Servicing EchelonMain21/06/1945Fassberg22/08/1945SchleswiglandServiced No.56 Sqn Tempests4
No.311 SqnMain06/08/1945Tain13/08/1945PragueLiberator VI3
No.4311 (Czech) Servicing EchelonMain06/08/1945Tain13/08/1945PragueServiced No.311 Sqn Liberators4
No.567 SqnMain21/08/1945Hawkinge26/04/1946West MallingSpitfire VB (Jun 45 – Sep 45), Spitfire XVI3
No.263 SqnMain01/09/1945Lübeck21/09/1945AcklingtonMeteor F.33
No.6263 Servicing Echelon01/09/1945Lübeck21/09/1945AcklingtonServiced No.263 Sqn Meteors4
No.222 SqnMain03/09/1945B 155/Dedelsdorf05/09/1945Weston ZoylandTempest V3
No.6029 Servicing Echelon07/09/1945Reformed. Ex No.6219 SE29/10/1945West MallingServiced No.29 Sqn Mosquitos4
No.6219 Servicing Echelon07/09/1945Reformed. ex No.6029 SE29/10/1945AcklingtonServiced No.219 Sqn Mosquitos4
No.29 SqnMain06/10/1945Lübeck29/10/1945West MallingMosquito XXX3
No.130 SqnMain04/11/1945Gardermoen01/12/1945CharterhillSpitfire IXB3
No.6130 Servicing Echelon04/11/1945Dunsfold01/12/1945CharterhallServiced No.130 Sqn Spitfires4
No.130 SqnMain27/01/1946Acklington17/06/1946OdihamSpitfire IXB3
No.6130 Servicing Echelon27/01/1946Acklington17/06/1946AcklingtonServiced No.130 Sqn Spitfires4
No.91 (Forward) Staging Post18/02/1946Reformed24/07/1950Disbanded4
No.69 SqnDetachment31/03/1946Wahn13/11/1946GatowMosquito B.163
No.16 SqnMain01 Jun 1946Fassberg12 Jun 1946FassbergTempest F.53
No.33 SqnMain01/06/1946Fassberg12/06/1946FassbergTempest V3
No.3 SqnMain02/06/1946Dedelsdorf12/06/1946DedelsdorfTempest V3
No.4 SqnMain02/06/1946Gütersloh12/06/1946GüterslohMosquito FB 63
No.46 Group30/07/1946BusheyUnknownBückeburg4
Transport Command Examining Unit/Staff10/08/1946Bramcote15/11/1947Brize NortonDakota C.4 (KJ810), Hastings C.1 (TG515), Anson C.12 (PH710), Lancastrian C.2 (VM734), York C.1 (MW203, Valetta C.1 (VL273)4
No.16 SqnMain05/09/1946Fassberg16/09/1946FassbergTempest F.23
No.3 SqnMain05/09/1946Dedelsdorf19/09/1946WunstorfTempest V3
No.6003 Servicing Echelon05/09/1946Dedelstorf19/09/1946WunstorfServiced No.3 Sqn Tempests4
No.80 SqnMain05/09/1946Dedelsdorf19/09/1946WunstorfTempest V3
No.305 SqnMain07/09/1946Wahn16/09/1946WahnMosquito VI3
Transport Command Examining UnitMain10 Aug 1946Bramcote15 Nov 1947Brize NortonIn No.46 Group4
No.46 SqnMain11/10/1946Stoney Cross16/12/1946AbingdonDakota3
No.4046 Servicing Echelon15/10/1946Stoney Cross24/12/1946AbingdonServiced No.46 Sqn Dakotas4
No.77 SqnMain17/12/1946Broadwell10/12/1947WaterbeachDakota3
No.4077 Servicing Echelon31/12/1946Broadwell10/12/1947WaterbeachServiced No.77 Sqn Dakotas4
No.62 SqnMain08/12/1947Reformed10/12/1947WaterbeachDakota3
No.39 SqnDetachment01/04/1948Khartoum? Jun 48 – checkTempest F.63
Overseas Ferry UnitMain17/05/1948Formed19/07/1950ChivenorVarious…4


1950-1958 (USAF)

Details will be added here in due course.
1959 – 2001
UnitTypeFrom DateFrom LocationTo DateTo LocationAircraftRef
Air Force Department Fire School Service28/02/195901/01/1989Sturtivant
No.72 SqnDetachment15/11/1961OdihamApr-81BensonWessex HC 2Jefford
No.618 (Volunteer) Gliding SchoolMain01/03/1963Formed09/01/1965West MallingVarious GlidersSturtivant
No.1 Air Experience FlightMain01/04/1963White Waltham31/03/1996St AthanChipmunk T.10 (WK642 L)Sturtivant
No.617 (Volunteer) Gliding SchoolMain12/12/1970Re-opened01/12/2001HomelessVarious GlidersSturtivant
FOBForward Operating Base – Generally using the base during the day for operations but returning to the main base of an evening.


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2The History of RAF Manston (F/O W Fraser)
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4Flying Training and Support Units since 1912 by Ray Sturtivant, I.S.O. with John Hamlin. 2007.
5Squadron ORB Records
7IWM American Air Museum in Britain http://www.americanairmuseum.com
8Wings over Westgate by Geoffrey Williams.

617 Gliding School (end date): http://waldor0e.my3gb.com/kfb/617-glidinpc.html



  • 13th February 2018 – Added No.403 (RCAF) Sqn dates in 1942.
  • 16th February 2018 – Added No.9 Sqn (A Flight) Sqn Detachment details in 1933.
  • 17th February 2018 – Altered dates of No.455 (RAAF) Sqn Detachment in 1944 to match Squadron ORB. Altered end date of No.451 (RAAF) Sqn end date to 24th Feb 1945 according to ORB (groundcrew left on the 23rd but aircrew on 24th). Added entry of No.456 (RAAF) Sqn in 1944.
  • 5th March 2018 – Add dates for No.421 Sqn Detachment in 1943.
  • 31st March 2018 – No.32 Sqn (‘B’ Flight) in April 1940 changed to ‘A’ Flight. No.79 Sqn (‘A’ Flight) 22nd April 1940 detachment altered to No.32 Sqn (‘A’ Flight). Changed end date of No.1 Air Experience Flight.
  • 7th April 2018 – No.605 Sqn and No.6605 Servicing Echelon confirmed as both moving to RAF Blackbushe after Manston.
  • 8th May 2018 – Alteration of No.600 moving from RAF Hornchurch and not ‘Manston’.
  • 28th May 2018 – Alteration of No.56 Sqn 29th May 1942 to show as ‘A’ Flight, Detachment until 7th June.