Squadrons and Units Timeline

This page is currently in development and will be amended as details emerge from research. Squadron details will also be expanded to separate pages and associated posts in due course.

We are happy to receive any updates or corrections, but because of inaccuracies in many historical sources, we try to ensure that our details are confirmed by what we consider to be highly regarded sources.

We have currently many entries that may be added to this list that need additional checking as the only source we have has not always proven accurate. If you have Squadron records for any unit on our list and are willing to supply them to us, we would be very grateful. Likewise, if you want to help us to carry out the research, please consider sending us a donation.

Because the standard list on this page became too cumbersome we are now trialing the use of an embedded PDF document. The old format page (now not being updated can be seen here: https://www.manstonhistory.org.uk/squadrons-and-units-timeline-old/)