About the History of Manston Airfield website

This site is dedicated to the history of Manston Airfield, in Kent from its first official usage back in 1916. It is intended to bring together the various sources of information at events, squadrons, aircraft and personnel that have been involved in the site. Due to the amount of history, it is likely that this site will be continually updated and extended and is not intended to be a complete historical record for some time to come.

The site and social media pages are currently all non-profit making. Obviously we do incur costs so any contributions via donations or online sales are appreciated to ensure this project continues.

We are not directly connected with either of the two museums currently at Manston, but may work alongside them.

We aim to bring together all the various sources of Manston’s history into one place, with details of references and also information on where information may differ between sources.

As time permits, new information will be added to this site, but if you have information with quotable sources you feel we need to add or corrections to be made, please contact us. We also welcome any photos or diagrams you wish to share with us, please let us know – we are happy to include acknowledgements or watermarks as required.

We do not intend to adversely affect any publication or museum connected with Manston, but instead aim to promote them for further information on the history and to help to highlight specific parts of Manston’s history.

We hope to establish:

  1. As complete a “day by day” record of events at Manston as is possible.
  2. Extract certain events into separate posts.
  3. Establish Squadrons based at Manston, including those using Manston as a “satellite” during WWII.
  4. Establish details for aircrew and other personnel with connections to Manston.
  5. Bring together photos, video, audio, maps and other images of Manston, whilst respecting copyrights.
  6. Show details of Aircraft based or linked to Manston.
  7. Detail books and other literature, including sources for Manston, as well as links to museums and other locations where more information can be found.